Have you got the best and most cost efficient strategy to nuke your weeds before seeding? 

The case is clear: controlling weeds through summer and prior to seeding is essential to secure moisture and nitrogen for the following crop. 


Part 1: Control summer weeds for yield and profit 

Every $1 spent on summer weed control can potentially return up to $8/ha through moisture and nitrogen conservation. The impact on grain yield as a result of various summer weed control treatments is what Colin McMaster (NSW DPI R&D) refers to as “buying a spring”.  Listen to Colin and Pete Newman (AHRI) as they investigate the $$ benefits of controlling summer weeds.



Part 2: Increase pre-em efficacy through a mix and rotate strategy 

We’ve done a good job of promoting herbicide rotation over the years. And whilst this advice still stands, recent research shows the benefits of mixing herbicides as well. As American weeds researcher, Pat Tranel, puts it, “rotating buys you time, mixing buys you shots (of herbicide)”. Listen to Pat and Pete as they explore the benefits of the mix and rotate strategy.

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