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2,4-D update, spray drift advice and how beneficial fungi works to suppress weeds

Would you like to know more about the changes to 2,4-D regulations? Nufarm Technical Marketing Lead André Sabeeney (pictured above) joins us on the podcast to give an overview. He also shares some more broad advice on spray drift.

We’re also joined by Professor John Thompson from the Centre for Crop Health based at the University of Southern Queensland. He talks to us about beneficial fungi and its impact on crop growth.

Professor John Thompson with Alex Gwynne

The benefits for crop growth occur when the beneficial fungus is in combined with the crop root. This is called Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza. It previously was referred to as VAM and now more commonly AMF. A lack of AMF can result in poor early crop growth and therefore poor crop competition with weeds.

We also learn more about a similar effect of root-lesion nematodes causing poor growth of intolerant wheat varieties and poor weed suppression. Join your hosts Jessica Strauss and Peter Newman and take a listen!



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