Addressing roadside weeds and previews to WeedSmart Week in Emerald and Horsham

We’re excited to officially launch the ticket sales for not one, but two WeedSmart Week events in 2019 in this podcast. Our extension agronomists Paul McIntosh and Greg Condon join us this week to provide overviews of our events in both Emerald and Horsham (co-organised by Birchip Cropping Group) in August.

An event which is just around the corner though is the Australian Local Government Association Conference where one of the topics will be roadside weeds. This is taking place from June 16-19. Andrew Storrie ‘Agronomo’ joins us on the podcast to explain how roadside weeds can directly impact farmers and provides some options for effectively controlling them.

Two glyphosate tolerant species – doveweed (Croton setigerus) and fleabane (Conyza spp.) taking over the road shoulder in the WA cropping belt.

Ticket sales are open for both of our WeedSmart Week events. Click the below links to find out more and purchase your tickets:

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