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Autonomous farm machinery from Dot Tech Corp and spray drift tips

It’s that time of year already where farmers are getting out their spray rigs and dealing with in-crop weeds. While it is a busy time of year, it’s essential to ensure you’re across good spraying technique to ensure spray drift does not occur. Spray drift expert Mary O’Brien explains wind inversions and provides tips for avoiding spray drift. You can find out more about Mary’s workshops on spray techniques through her website here. You can also follow her on Twitter at @spraydriftgirl

spray drift

Spray drift expert Mary O’Brien

While listening to advice can be really helpful, seeing it with your own eyes is hard to beat. Check out Mary’s video below demonstrating the effects of wind inversions on spray droplets. You can also check out the GRDC’s latest factsheet on pre-harvest herbicide application here. GRDC also have a detailed spray application manual you can access here.

Autonomous farm machinery is the topic of the moment. The possibilities to do seem endless, but how far away are some of these machines away from hitting Australian shores? Cory Beaujot from DOT Tech Corp says it might be sooner than you think. He gives us a detailed insight into this family business making autonomous farm machinery out of Saskatchewan in Canada. Some of the benefits the company says you’ll see with using their Dot Power Platform (which can be used as a seeding rig and more) are a reduction in costs for fuel, labour and equipment. If you’d like to see more details about the company and its autonomous machinery, check out their website here.

The Dot Power Platform (

We also talked about the Crop Protection Forum coming up in Dalby on December 6. You can check out more information and purchase tickets here.

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