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S08E08 Autumn knockdown update with Mark Congreve

In this podcast, we talk about getting the most out of your autumn knockdowns with ICAN’s Mark Congreve.


My co-host Peter Newman also provides an update on the changes to the residue limits of canola treated with haloxyfop.

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New content

  • Barley grass infestations of cereal crops have increased in southern and western Australia. GRDC partners in these regions tested localised integrated weed management strategies at demonstration sites in key low-rainfall zones. Read the report on our website. 
  • Our webinar recording for ‘Beating barley grass despite resistance and dormancy challenges’ is now available. You can watch it here. 
  • We have a case study on Michael and Marnie Fels, who are based in the Wittenoom Hills of Western Australia. Cultural weed control has been a major focus for Mic and Marnie Fels. The resulting low weed numbers mean they can still use a range of ‘older’ off-patent herbicides, which helps keep herbicide costs to a minimum.
  • For Ask and Expert this month, we caught up with Damon Grace, general manager of the COtL Mesonet in South Australia, says specialised mesonets can provide the data for informed decisions surrounding spray drift and other weather-related herbicide efficacy parameters, such as optimal temperature for applying specific herbicides. Learn more. 

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