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149 Boundary mapping and soil amelioration changed the game for Esperance farming family

Boundary mapping and soil amelioration changed the game for Esperance farming family

On this edition of the podcast, we’re providing a preview on our WeedSmart Week in Esperance event, which is now only two weeks away!

We hear from Beaumont farmers, Phil Longmire, and son Tom. Tom will be presenting at WeedSmart Week, providing a farmer experience on the forum day.

Phil, Bindy and Tom Longmire run a family farming business based in Beaumont, 110 km ENE of Esperance in a 425-450mm rainfall zone.

Soil amelioration and boundary mapping are just some of the approaches which have really helped them win the war against weeds.

We also  catch up with Andrew Messina. Late last year we caught up with Andrew about the trials for Bilberry’s spot spraying technology which took place on his farm. He is going to give us an update and a preview of what he’s going to share on the Innovation Panel at WeedSmart Week Esperance.


We’ve got a new article on advances made in weed recognition technologies. In this article we look at how blanket spraying of herbicides in low weed density situations could become a thing of the past in Australia as new weed recognition technologies enable site-specific weed control in-crop. Dr Michael Walsh from University of Sydney provides comment. Read it here.

You can also check out our latest webinar recording ‘What’s next in the North for weed control?’

Peter McKenzie, agronomist with Agricultural Consulting & Extension Services, and Angus Dalgliesh, grower and agronomist with Nutrien Ag Solutions, join WeedSmart Northern Extension agronomist Paul McIntosh to discuss some of the weed challenges their clients have been experiencing in the North, and some of the weed management tactics they’ve been using to deal with these challenges.

WeedSmart Week 

We’ve got a great program lined up for Esperance WeedSmart Week. This event really is about farmers talking to farmers, as we’ve heard from our guests today and at the event, we really get to explore that in more detail.

The 3-day program consists of a Forum Day at the Esperance Civic Centre with day 2 and 3 consisting of farm visits in the Esperance region to see how forward-thinking growers are implementing the WeedSmart Big 6 tactics to minimise the impact of herbicide resistance on their businesses.

You can get your tickets here.

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