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S06E15 Why chaff decks are a great option for harvest weed seed control

On this edition of the podcast, we’re taking a closer look at chaff decks!

Chaff decks have been a mainstay in the harvest weed seed control space for a number of years, but with weed seed impact mills starting to increase in market share in this space, where will the chaff deck fit?

WeedSmart Southern Extension Agronomist, Greg Condon, who is a big advocate of chaff decks, joins us to give us some answers!

We also hear from Northern Region grower, Chris Berry. He has had a chaff deck for a number of years and while he likes the concept of the mill, is sticking with the chaff deck for now.

Effects on paddock from using a chaff deck. Photos supplied by podcast guest, Chris Berry.

Regional Update

Our next Regional Update will come out next Monday and we’ll be hearing from Norther Region expert, Tim Bartimote. Tim is a Senior Land Services Officer in the Cropping division for NSW Central West Local Land Services.

Over the last two years, Tim has been working on a chaff decking paddock demonstration project which has GRDC investment.

New Content

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We also hosted a webinar last week with WeedSmart Southern Extension Agronomist Chris Davey & ICAN’s Mark Congreve. They looked at considerations for pre-emergent herbicides with dry sowing.

You can watch it here.


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