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S07E17 Considerations for Titan AX Barley and WeedSmart Week recap

Professor Chris Preston, University of Adelaide joins us on this episode to talk about what growers should consider when planting the new Titan AX Barley.

This new variety can be used as a strategic tool for controlling brome, barley grass and volunteer cereals. Chris explains how this variety came about and explains how to use this it effectively.

Also, we recap WeedSmart Week Mildura! We hear from attendees: Tyler Nelson, Kate Finger and Ash Teasedale.

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Take a read of our recap article on WeedSmart Week Mildura and watch Kevin Morthorpe’s acceptance speech for his WeedSmart Legend Award.

Watch our latest webinar with Eric Koetz on weed control in cotton. We’ve also got the recap article with all the highlights on the same page. Check it out here.

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