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S06E37 Controlling late season weeds and driving down the weed seedbank

On this edition of the podcast, we’re looking at strategies to control late season ryegrass.


After a good couple of years in much of the Southern Region for rainfall, there is late season weeds coming through the crop.

In this episode, we hear from our Southern Region Agronomist, Greg Condon, who provides a great overview of the tools available to growers.

Elders Agronomist, Jason McClure talks to us about his experience with his clients in Naracoorte and surrounds in South Australia with windrowing to control ryegrass.

Elders Agronomist Jason McClure

Farm Manager of Viridis Ag in Junee, Andrew Wilson, NSW, also joins us to share his experience with adopting tools like soil amelioration, diverse crop rotations and chaff decks to get on top of ryegrass.


  • We’ve updated Harvest Weed Seed Control 101! Our Communications Officer Jessica Scholle worked hard on this, with yourself and Dr Michael Walsh from University of Sydney. Register to do the freshly updated and free course here.
  • Our webinar recording on intercropping is now available for you to watch online. Our Southern Extension Agronomist Greg Condon hosts, with guest presenter Dr Andrew Fletcher, who is a farming systems scientist at CSIRO. In this webinar, the principles of mixing different crops together and how this can potentially provide weed management options for growers is outlined. Watch it here.
  • We also have a new WeedSmart Shorts video out with our Southern Extension Agronomist Chris Davey and Uni of Adelaide’s Dr Chris Preston on what the herbicide resistant hot spots are in the most recent ryegrass survey. Watch it here.

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