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S07E01 Controlling weeds in the Liverpool Plains after widespread flooding

The WeedSmart Podcast is back! This is our first episode of 2022. This podcast is a Regional update with Jim Hunt who is an Agronomist with Hunt Ag Solutions in Gunnedah, NSW.

Our Regional Update Podcasts were so popular over 2020 and 2021, that we have decided to keep them. They originally served as a way to connect with the regions when COVID-19 restrictions prevented us from visiting places in person.

The Regional Update is now cemented itself as a staple in the WeedSmart calendar and we’ll bring you a new Update each month, alternating between the Northern, Southern and Western regions.

Our guest Jim explains how widespread flooding has been devastating for some people in the Liverpool Plains region, but for others the additional rainfall has been quite positive. He also talks to us about issues with the supply chain for herbicides and provides some tips on how to best control weeds in his patch.

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