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S07E23 Dealing with a wet harvest

This is the last WeedSmart Podcast of 2022. In this episode, we catch-up with an expert from each cropping region in the eastern states to get insights on dealing with a wet harvest.


We hear from Agronomist Peter McKenzie from the Northern Region and our High Rainfall Zone Agronomist Jana Dixon who is based in Clare, South Australia, and Greg Condon, who is our Southern Extension Agronomist based in Junee, NSW.

Wet conditions have resulted in difficult and delayed harvests for many regions. The additional moisture also means more summer weeds. The agronomists provide regional tips on how to best tackle this looming problem.

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Our content producer, Cindy Benjamin, has been very busy this month. There’s a stack of new articles on the WeedSmart website for you to check out.

Some highlights include an article which talks about how caution is required when retaining rain-affected seed. Dr Greg Rebetzke from CSIRO provides valuable information on this. Take a read here.

We also have comprehensive article looking at how the WeedSmart Big 6 can be implemented for Mallee farms in NSW, Victoria and South Australia. Our Southern Extension Agronomists Chris Davey and Greg Condon provide insights into this. You can read it here.

We’ve also got a brand-new farmer Case Study with Michael Nichols from Sisters Creek in Tasmania.

The Nichols family has a passion for soil health and biodiversity. Their Redbank Farming operation at Sisters Creek, northwest of Launceston, is an intense and multifaceted business.

Michael and his wife Rochelle lease the 385-ha farm from the family trust. The 170 ha of arable land is divided into six 27 ha blocks, on uniform red basalt clay to loam soil and can be irrigated in six days.

Grain production from wheat, barley and canola provides an effective break from intense horticultural cropping. Their six-year crop rotation centres on potatoes for French fries, onions, and poppies in rotation with a wide variety of cereal and horticultural crops.

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Thank you for listening in 2022 for our 7th season of the WeedSmart podcast. We’re looking forward Season 8 in 2023!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from podcast hosts, Jessica Strauss and Peter Newman, and the whole WeedSmart Team!

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