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S09E08 Deep placement of phosphorus and potassium (P&K)

Deep placement of phosphorus and potassium can improve crop nutrition and therefore improve crop competition, helping you control weeds. We talked with Professor Mike Bell from the University of QLD, who has been focused on deep placement of P&K in the northern regions, and Kurt Mayne, who has been implementing it into his operation in QLD.

Joining us on this extra-long episode of the WeedSmart Podcast was Professor Mike Bell from the University of Queensland, who shared his extensive experience of soil nutrition and more recent work on P&K deep placement in the north.

We also talked with Kurt Mayne, a grower from Rolleston, QLD, who has been implementing a deep placement regime into his operations, and heard about his recent experience with milk thistle.

Crop Competition:
Improving soil health gives the crop the best chance at competing against weeds. Learn all about crop competition with our free online course via our Learning Hub, Crop Competition 101.

WeedSmart Week:
Get tickets to the annual WeedSmart Week event! Held in Port Lincoln on July 29-30, the latest knowledge and advice around the WeedSmart Big 6 will be shared, with a focus on experiences from the Eyre Peninsula and southern region.

GRDC Deep placement update paper:
Take a read of Mikes’ paper on deep P&K placement, or the fact sheet available here.

Kurt Mayne’s WeedSmart Feature:
Kurt and his family operate a 6000 ha mixed farming operation of dryland grain production and backgrounding steers for feedlots at ‘Broken Plains’, 13 km east of Rolleston in Central Queensland.

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