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Digging into the details of problem weeds

Focusing on Feathertop Rhodes grass & blue lupins.

Today on the WeedSmart podcast we’re focusing on problem weeds across Australian cropping regions. We’ll be hearing about the weed blue lupins from WA grower Jamie Greaves.

We’ll also be focusing on Feathertop Rhodes Grass and how this is proving to be an issue for growers in Northern New South Wales, with sporadic patches popping up. University of Adelaide Professor, Dr Chris Preston and Northern Grower Alliance CEO, Richard Daniel, join us to shed some light on this issue and how to get on top of this weed.

Our Southern Extension Agronomist, Greg Condon, joins us as the podcast co-host today.

We mentioned quite a few links on this week’s podcast – here they are!

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GRDC weeds ute guide

With so much talk of problem weeds, we thought it was a good opportunity to encourage you to get your hands on the updated GRDC weeds ute guide. Find out more here.

Roadside Feathertop Rhodes grass (Chris Preston)

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Hosts: Jessica Strauss & Greg Condon

Producer: Jessica Strauss

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