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S08E21 Diverse crop rotations to drive profit and sustainability

In this episode, we talk about crop rotations with two researchers from CSIRO.

CSIRO senior experimental scientist, Tony Swan, discusses the importance of diverse crop rotations, the benefits of a double break, and how well-planned crop rotations can help nitrogen management.

CSIRO farming systems scientist, Lindsay Bell, talks about rotations from a northern perspective, covering the importance of weed control during fallow, how soil water is a driver of decisions, and including legumes in crop diversification.


Upcoming webinar: Biological control of grains weeds – development of novel tools and approaches for integration
Discover the pioneering work of CSIRO researchers Dr Ben Gooden and Dr Michelle Rafter on using biocontrol agents to control crop weeds. They will discuss their work conducting exploratory surveys of biocontrol agents and host-testing with pathogens and insects.

Investment in holistic weed management pays off: An independent evaluation noted that WeedSmart has found a ‘real sweet spot to take a holistic approach to problems and develop viable solutions without bias’. Growers commented that WeedSmart has helped them be more aware of potential risks with farm management, crop rotations and chemical use, and keeping weed management front of mind when making all decisions.

2. By-pass mode can extend impact mill life: High rainfall region growers Stewart and Jessica Wallace (Esperance, WA) swapped their chaff carts for a weed seed impact mill to avoid burning the chaff heaps and retain all the crop residues on the paddock while driving down the weed seed bank.

1Break crops and rotations for wheat: This review quantifies the yield increase, based on >900 comparisons of wheat growing after a break crop with wheat after wheat.

2. Herbicide-resistant annual ryegrass: Diverse systems and strategies to cost-effectively manage herbicide-resistant annual ryegrass in no-till wheat-based cropping sequences in south-eastern Australia.

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