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S06E41 Diverse rotations rock – good for profit, weeds and nitrogen!

This is our last podcast of 2021, so thank you for joining us! On this episode we’re focusing on diverse crop rotations and dealing with resistance. We hope there’s some helpful tips for you to take away.


CSIRO Chief Research Scientist for Farming Systems, Dr John Kirkegaard, joins us to tell us about current trial work he is leading looking at the impact of rotations on soil water, nitrogen, and profit in the face of variable climatic conditions.

Wimmera Farmer Tim Rethus joins us to update us on how he’s keeping his weed seed banks as low as possible. Tim was one of our farm hosts back in 2019 at Horsham WeedSmart Week. We’re going to find out what’s changed for Tim with his farming system and how he’s going to approach his summer weed control program.

And last, but not least, Tim Frazer, who farms in Chinchilla Queensland, has a chat with us about how he’s managing Group A (Group 1) and Group M (Group 24) resistance.

Webinar recording

 Our last webinar for the year was on Metolachlor usage in the northern region, presented by Rob Battalia from Syngenta, with WeedSmart Northern Extension Agronomist Paul McInstosh hosting. You can now watch it online here.

Case Studies

We have two new case studies for you to check out!

Jamie and Susie Grant, Jimbour Qld, over the years have adopted controlled traffic, minimum tillage, cover cropping and vigilant weed management as key strategies to maximise water infiltration and minimise losses to run-off, evaporation and wasted evapotranspiration throughout the year. Learn all about their farming system in this case study here.

Peter and Kylie Bach from Pittsworth Qld are aiming for 130% utilisation of their cropping land through the year. Peter and Kylie Bach have developed a farming system that extracts full value from barley stubble and minimises weed pressure. Learn all about their farming system here.



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