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Drone to tractor fallow weed solution saving up to 95% on herbicide costs

Emerald WeedSmart Week is less than a month away, so Northern Extension Agronomist, Paul McIntosh, guest co-hosts with Jessica Strauss to highlight some of the excellent speakers who will be presenting over the 3-day event.

In this podcast, we hear from InFarm Managing Director Jerome Leray who will be presenting at WeedSmart Week.

InFarm is an Agricultural Intelligence company based in Goondiwindi. The company has been recognised by Microsoft for becoming the first commercial company to receive the AI for Earth grant in Australia.

The company has developed a drone to tractor fallow weed solution. It can save farmers up to 95% on herbicide and integrates with standard variable rate sprayers. It provides a solution to fallow weed spot spraying using the equipment farmers already have.

We also speak with local CQ farmers, Kurt Mayne and Scott Becker about their farming systems and how WeedSmart’s Big 6 principles have shaped some of the practical changes they’ve made, including some big purchases, like the WEEDit.

You can get your tickets for Emerald WeedSmart Week here.


Kurt Mayne will be presenting at WeedSmart Week in Emerald



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