Epic focus paddock results & using S-Metolachlor effectively

Today on the podcast we’re going to be learning about how to use S-Metolachlor effectively and within the guidelines. Area Sales Manager from Syngenta Crop Protection for the Northern Commercial Unit, Tim Fraser joins us to tell us about this.

Syngenta’s Tim Fraser

We also will be hearing from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development grain researcher, Martin Harries (pictured at the top), about a six-year focus paddock survey he has led.

The survey work Martin did collected data from 184 paddocks spanning 14 million hectares of cropping land in Western Australia. It was all made possible with DPIRD and GRDC investment and the collaboration of 13 farming groups; including the Facey, Liebe, Mingenew-Irwin groups and WANTFA.

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Podcast Producer: Jessica Strauss
Podcast Hosts: Jessica Strauss, Peter Newman

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