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S06E23 Farmers can now help improve green on green technology

On this edition of the podcast, we’re looking at how farmers can now actively become citizen scientists by improving weed recognition for machine learning.

University of Sydney Precision Weed Control PhD student, Guy Coleman earlier this year, along with Dr Michael Walsh hosted a workshop on weed recognition and machine learning in Wagga Wagga.

Guy walks us through the key learnings presented at this workshop and also reveals details about a new open source weed locator his team is releasing.

University of Sydney Precision Weed Control PhD student, Guy Coleman, with ‘Oscar’ the robot.

We’ll also be hearing from West Wimmera Farmer, Sam  Eastwood, who is particularly keen on managing weeds in non-cropped and unproductive areas of the farm.

He shares with us he how he keeps on top of them and why it’s a priority for him.

Links mentioned in the podcast

The Machine Learning for Weed Recognition Workshop Guy spoke about in the podcast is available to watch online. Follow the links below.

Day 1 of the workshop.

Day 2 of the workshop.

You can check out the Weed AI Sydney website here.

You can follow Guy Coleman on Twitter here.

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Make sure you check out our article explainer on what to expect for WeedSmart Week in Esperance. We’ve now released the program for you to view as well.  Check it out here.

We’ve also got a new article which is looking at what the benefit is of a double paraquat knockdown. James Jess who is a research and technical services manager at Western AG in Ballarat provides the answers. Take a read here.

Webinar Recording

For those of you who couldn’t attend our webinar on ryegrass management in the High Rainfall Zone, the recording is now available on our website, and I’ll provide the link in the show notes.

Dr Chris Preston and Southern Farming Systems’ James Manson provided information, with our HRZ Extension Agronomist as host.

Watch the recording in full here.

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