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S07E02 Farmers facing price and supply crunch to kill weeds

This is the first main WeedSmart Podcast for 2022. So welcome back and thank you for joining us for our 7th Season of the podcast!

Today, we’ll be focusing on how to use the new Adama pre-emergent herbicide, Ultro, properly. Bevan Addison from Adama explains the stewardship around this product, which is a new product for pulse crops.

We’ll also be talking about the ongoing herbicide and fertiliser supply chain issues. Tony May from Bayer provides an overview of what’s happening in this space.


We have a new WeedSmart Review for you to check out. It’s all about research out of University of Adelaide, which is one of our in-kind partners.

Researchers conducted a unique, 9-year integrated weed management trial at Lake Bolac, Victoria, from 2012 to 2020. They investigated the effects of cultural and herbicide control strategies across a rotation on annual ryegrass populations in a high rainfall environment. Check out the article for the results.

We also have an article about the Birch family, which explains how resistance testing helped them make informed herbicide choices for their new property, Koobabie.

Ask an Expert

Our content producer, Cindy Benjamin, caught up with Agronomist Greg Sefton to find out if pulse cover crops tackle multi-resistant ryegrass in irrigated systems.

We also have a new Ask an Expert on what you can do to control large feather top Rhode’s grass in fallow with Bhagirath Chauhan from our in-kind partner, University of Queensland.

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