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Farmers share their harvest weed seed control experiences with Planfarm Agronomist Dani Whyte

We have a special guest co-host this week, with Planfarm Agronomist Dani Whyte joining Jessica Strauss, providing insights on farmer interviews she conducted last harvest.

Dani has been working on a GRDC RCSN project, looking at harvest weed seed control practices in the Kwinana East port zone. She conducted 10 farmer interviews in total. In this podcast, we hear from three of the farmers who participated in the project.

Farmer Ty Kirby runs chaff decks on his property.

Farmers Clint Della Bosca (pictured at the top), Stephen Dolton and Ty Kirby all share their HWSC experiences.

Planfarm Agronomist Dani Whyte in the field.

The focus of this project is getting the weeds in the front of the header in low yielding crops.  The core messages are:

  • Harvest low – 10-15cm (this means paddocks need to be clean of rocks/stumps and staff need to be trained accordingly)
  • Coreflute attached to finger tyne reel
  • Knife extensions/crop lifters on the front of the harvester

Farmer Stephen Dolton


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