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Farming with the premise of reducing reliance on chemicals and why you might not need a knockdown

This week on the WeedSmart podcast, Jessica Strauss interviews co-host Peter Newman on why he’s telling farmers they might not need to worry about not having a knockdown.

We also chat with farmer Ian Taylor (farm pictured above), who will be presenting at WeedSmart Week in Horsham about his innovative farming system and how his family is farming with the premise of reducing their reliance on chemicals.

“Farmers are all in a war against weeds. We are winning, but you’re never going to win because the war will always continue. However, with an open mind, we’ll win the battle, but not the war,” Ian Taylor.

Ian Taylor and his family have used several tools for weed control, initially using narrow windrow burning and now considering a harvest seed destructor.

Ian aims to keep his farming system going well beyond 100 years and he shares how they plan to do that.

Finally, we chat with Central Queensland Grower Solutions Group Extension Officer, Hayley Eames about why it’s so important WeedSmart Week comes to Emerald.

You can buy tickets to WeedSmart week in Horsham here and Emerald here. We also have a webinar tomorrow (July 4) on automation in ag, so make sure you’re signed up here.

Ian Taylor’s family farm.

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