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S05E02 Green on green technology set to be within reach

Technology in general, including in the ag space, is moving forward at an accelerated rate.

While green on brown technology is now being adopted and good results are being seen in the field, green on green technology is on the cusp of being a commercial reality.

And while there might be fears it’ll be cost-prohibitive, AutoWeed Systems Engineer who is a guest on the podcast this week, says that the technology will be comparable and in some cases cheaper than the green on brown tech available today.

Alex Olsen demonstrating the Autoweed at WeedSmart Week in Emerald 2019

The University of Sydney’s weed researchers Dr Michael Walsh and Guy Coleman recently ran a workshop with delegates from all over the world looking at how to make machine learning more accessible for green on green technology by making open source libraries of broadacre weeds and crops available to anyone who might want to access them, including companies working on making this tech a reality.

WeedSmart’s Southern Extension Agronomist Greg Condon provides us with an overview of how the workshop ran and what he presented in on in terms of how this tech might fit into different farming systems.

Join your co-hosts Jessica Strauss and Peter Newman and learn more!


John Stevenson from Warakirri Lockhart explaining to delegates how important the Weedit camera spraying is for their business.

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