Listen time: 32 minutes

S03E01 Learn about the Harvest Residue Topper (HRT) and controlling summer weeds

Delve into summer weed management and learn about a mechanical weed tool, the Harvest Residue Topper (HRT) in this podcast.

We’re back for 2018! This is our first podcast of the year and we are excited to get into another year of informative and fun podcasts to ensure you have more crop and fewer weeds! Join your co-hosts Jessica Strauss and Peter Newman to learn more.

HRT developer Phil Bradley candidly discusses what lead him to build the HRT and provides a great explainer on how it works. We also hear from Bolgart farmer John Young who has been using his HRT for the last three harvests. He provides a good overview of the positives and drawbacks of using the HRT.

Forbes-based Agronomist from Baker Ag Advantage, Chris Baker, gives us a rundown on the best management practice for Summer weed control.


Find out more about the HRT by clicking on the image to go to the website

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