Harvest seed destroying mill technology explained

Harvest seed destroying mill technology has been the talk of the town among harvest weed seed control enthusiasts. For the podcast, we normally stick to seasonal issues, but in February, the Kondinin Group released a cracker Research Report, “Residue Management at Harvest” (you can find it here). In this report, the Research Team (comprising of Ben White, Mark Saunders, and Josh Giumelli, who are pictured above), tested and reviewed a number of harvest weed seed control tools, including mill technology, which is the focus of this podcast.

Jessica Strauss chats with agricultural engineer and Manager of Research and Development for the Kondinin Group, Ben White, about how mill technology works; the operational practicalities in the field; weed control; and mill wear issues.

We also hear from two farmers who have invested in different branded mill machines, using them in both the 2016 and 2017 harvests. Farmers Roger Newman and Andrew Todd, both from WA, give candid insights into the pros and cons of their machinery thus far.

Take a listen with your usual hosts, Peter Newman and Jessica Strauss!

Music: bensound.com

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