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S07E09 How smart phase farming can increase yield and a resistance status update

On this podcast, find out about the benefits of smart phase farming, we get a resistance update and get details on our upcoming webinar with spray expert Tom Wolf.

The Agronomy team at the Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative in Perth is in the last year of a GRDC funded project looking at smart phase farming and there’s some great yield benefits to consider.

We also will be getting a resistance status update from Peter Boutsalis who does work for both the University of Adelaide and runs Plant Science Consulting.

And lastly – we have an exciting webinar coming up this month with Tom Wolf, who many of you might know as the ‘nozzle guy’ on Twitter.  Get some more details on our guests below:

1.     Mike Ashworth – Smart phase farming

Dr Mike Ashworth who leads AHRI’s agronomy team explains what phase farming is and the benefits of this approach. This project focused on using serradella as the legume phase crop.

2.     Peter Boutsalis – resistance status update

Dr Peter Boutsalis joins us in this interview to give an update on the GRDC funded random resistance testing results. He also gives an update on the resistance issues he’s been looking at from samples that have been sent in from farmers to his business, Plant Science Consulting.

3.     Chris Davey – webinar overview

On June 15, we’ll be hosting a webinar with Canada’s technology expert, Tom Wolf. In this webinar, more efficient spraying application will be covered, as well as how to become more efficient at keeping the boomspray in the paddock, rather than at the depot. Follow Tom on Twitter here.


WeedSmart Week Mildura event which is happening from August 30 to September 1 are officially on sale. You can head to the events page on our website to find out more information and get your ticket.


We have an article related to our podcast interview with Mike Ashworth. Dr Yaseen Khalil who managed this project explains how effective a legume pasture phase for ryegrass control is.

Case Studies 

Make sure you check out our Case Studies – our content producer, Cindy Benjamin, catches up with farmers from all over Australia to find out about their farming systems. Our latest Case Study features Warren Treasure, from Moonyoonooka in Western Australia. Warren talks about how using an iHSD over five seasons has had a significant impact on lowering his weed seed bank.

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