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S07E21 Innovation in selective spray technology opening up growers’ options

On this podcast episode, hosts Jessica Strauss and Peter Newman, welcome our latest WeedSmart Partner, Hardi! We catch up with Hardi Innovation Manager, Heath Thompson to discuss the partnership, as well as find out about the the stewardship around their GeoSelect site-specific spraying system.

We also hear from our Southern Extension Agronomist, Chris Davey, to get some insights on why resistance testing is such a success with his clients.


If you didn’t get to come to our latest webinar on crop competition with Dr Michael Widderick and WeedSmart Northern Extension Agronomist, Paul McIntosh, the recording is now available on the website. Check it out here: Faba beans pack a punch against sowthistle.

You might also like to check out the webinar we did with Roberto Busi from AHRI on velocity resistance. Check it out here: Combat Velocity® resistant wild radish with the WeedSmart Big 6.


Our content producer, Cindy Benjamin, has pulled together a great article on testing for herbicide resistance, accompanied by some great video resources too. Take a look here.

We also have an article with Peter Broley from Primary Sales, looking at whether collecting weed seeds can make you money at harvest. Read it here.


Also, the entire playlist of our forum day presentations from WeedSmart Week Mildura is available to watch online. Check it out here.

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