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S06E08 Innovative northern grower shares wins and Roundup Ready Xtend stewardship

Following on with our innovative farmer series from our last podcast, the in this episode we catch up with Northern Grower from Parkes in New South Wales, Bruce Watson.

Bruce is primarily a winter crop grower but also has a block of sorghum on 50cm rows (pictured above) sown into a cover crop of barley & lentils.

Farmer Bruce Watson and daughter

We also learn about Bayer’s Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System. This is Bayer’s new cotton weed control system. Bayer Marketing Lead for seeds, traits & round-up Donny Benn & Bayer Market Advancement Manager Matt Hayes joins us to tell us more about the stewardship around this approach.

Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System Field Day (Feb 10, 2021) at Locharba, Bayer’s research farm.

Locharba Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System trial (Bayer supplied).

Xtend workshops

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Producer: Jessica Strauss

Presenters: Jessica Strauss & Peter Newman

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