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S06E06 Innovative southern growers share their wins in controlling weeds

This podcast is the first in our two part series on innovative growers tackling weeds with Big 6 principles.

On this episode we’re focusing on the Southern Region, hearing from two farmers who have quite different farming systems.

Our first guest is farmer Damien Schneider (pictured above). Damien farms at Culcairn in southern NSW with his wife Carissa and their four children. Ryegrass pressure is solid in this region given the reliable rainfall and huge seedbanks, but Damien is achieving solid gains with Big 6.

We’re also joined by farmer Paul Jarrett from Maitland, South Australia. Paul has a controlled traffic farming system and uses chaff decks. He shares his journey so far with this system.

Maitland farmer, Paul Jarrett.

On our next podcast we’ll be hearing from innovative growers from both the Northern and Western regions who will share will us their stories and some of the thought processes behind the decisions they’ve made for their farming systems.

New article

Our content producer Cindy Benjamin has updated the Messina family farm Case Study. As you would’ve heard from Andrew Messina on the podcast last year, the Messina’s are forging forward with new technology, including green on green from Bilberry. Check it out here.


Just a reminder that quite a few of our articles now are being read as well. You’ll see a play button on those articles at the top. This is great for if you’re driving, especially with spraying and seeding happening. Here’s a great example of that on a soil degradation article.

Podcast Co-Hosts: Jessica Strauss & Peter Newman
Podcast Producer: Jessica Strauss

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