S07E03 Longer coleoptile wheat protects seedlings from herbicide damage

On this episode of the WeedSmart Podcast, we learn about how wheat with a longer coleoptile offers some unique benefits from a crop protection standpoint.


SLR Research CEO Michael Lamond has conducted which has found benefits for the wheat gene Rht18.

The longer coleoptile of Rht18 wheat enables it to emerge through the furrow fill with less damage from pre-emergent herbicide. It was also found to have more vigour.

We also find out about some exciting results from a five-year University of Adelaide weeds trial.

This trial shows a triple threat strategy, rather than traditional methods has the potential to produce the best results for weed control in the Southern region.

University of Adelaide Research Agronomist, Ben Fleet, joins us to explain these findings. You can also watch a video GRDC recently put together on this topic which features both Ben and Gurjeet Gill below explaining this research.


“Invest in the weak link crop to avoid weed blow-out” is the latest article written by our content producer, Cindy Benjamin. Cindy caught up with Kym and Katie I’Anson who farm in the Marrabel district in South Australia.

They’ve said wheat is the weak link in their 2200 ha continuous cropping enterprise. While hay production and canola provide several opportunities to suppress weeds, ryegrass can flourish in the wheat phase if left unchecked.

They talk about how they use the WeedSmart Big 6 principles to tackle this

Ask an Expert

Our latest Ask an Expert is: “New herbicide mode of action to help pulse growers tackle resistant grass weeds”.

The launch of a new pre-emergence herbicide this season is giving pulse growers more mix-and-rotate options to tackle resistance in key grass weeds.

Ashley Pilkington, Adama’s market development manager in South Australia, says the commercial release of Ultro® (carbetamide) brings a completely different mode of action into the weed control program for pulses.


An exciting webinar recording is available to watch back. Kondinin Group’s Mark Saunders and Ben White provided a technical update on all things precision weed control.

This webinar covered advances in spraying technology, green-on-green and green-on-brown camera developments, AI and robotics, drone and weed mapping, and targeted non-herbicide tools.

We’ll be uploading this recording shortly and it will be available on our webinars page.

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