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S06E11 Lupins will benefit from new addition of Reflex in weed control tool kit

In this podcast we focus on the stewardship of the new Syngenta herbicide, Reflex.

With so many new products hitting the market and plenty more in the pipeline, it’s beneficial to find out the details about these new products and how they might fit into farming systems.

Syngenta’s Technical Services Lead James Considine (pictured above in a faba bean trial last year, during the Victorian covid restrictions. Left of James is untreated and right is Reflex treated) joins us to give an overview Reflex.

Planfarm Agronomist, Nick McKenna is also our guest. Nick has been speaking with growers who have just received their first allocation of Reflex. He provides some insights on how it’s being received and what it could mean for the future of lupins and other pulses.

Planfarm Agronomist, Nick McKenna, Geraldton, WA.

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