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S06E04 Narrower sorghum rows can halve weed seed production

In this podcast, we’ll be learning about a new approach in sorghum planting and we have a follow-up for you on soil amelioration – this time getting a WA grower’s perspective.

Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries principal research scientist Dr Michael Widderick joins us to explain research which found that narrower row spacing in sorghum leads fewer weeds – in some cases halving weed seed production!

Dr Michael Widderick

We also are going to get a WA grower perspective in follow-up to our podcast last fortnight which looks at soil amelioration. Brady Green (pictured) from Yuna area of WA joins us to talk about what made him think seriously about implementing soil amelioration and the benefits he’s seen since doing so.

Brady Green, Farmer, Yuna, WA


We’ve got a timely webinar coming up on Group Gs on Friday, Feb 26. Uni of Adelaide’s Dr Chris Preston & our Southern Extension Agronomist Greg Condon will be hosting this webinar aimed at growers. If you’ve got any specific questions about this, let us know on Twitter, and make sure to join us on the day where you can ask them live.

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Podcast Producer: Jessica Strauss
Podcast Hosts: Jessica Strauss & Peter Newman

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