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New chemistry derived from the Aussie bottlebrush; BASF new actives and Tecfarm mills

The theme of the podcast this week is new tools! We talk about new weed seed impact mills out of Tecfarm and also look at some new chemistry on the horizon for agriculture.

Syngenta will soon be releasing a new pre-emergent herbicide called Callisto for Australian cereal growers. It has some surprisingly Australian roots, with its active ingredient stemming from the Australian bottle brush. Syngenta’s Ben Parkin joins us to talk about this.

BASF is also releasing several new actives. BASF Crop Solutions WA Senior Area Sales Manager Murray McCartney talks to us about Luximax, which will be available next year. We also learn about BASF’s new group H post em, Frequency and also Voraxor, which will be available in 2021.

Tecfarm Director Tom Lewis talks us through the journey so far for Tecfarm in developing and testing their weed seed impact mill too.

Tecfarm’s Matt Barrett-Lennard, Neil Brandon, Tom Lewis

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