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S06E10 New green-on-green autonomous spraying technology overview

In this podcast we’re focusing on getting spraying right and new green-on-green autonomous spray technology.

We’ve been following the innovative developments in the green-on-green space at WeedSmart quite closely, so we were excited to see Bilberry, SwarmFarm and Goldacres had teamed up to deliver some new autonomous spraying technology.

So, in light of this, we caught up with Goldacres technical guru, David Tuppen who recently commissioned a fully autonomous sprayer with green-on-green weed detection (pictured above) using a SwarmBot robot and Goldacres Prairie Special trailing sprayer.

We also hear from grower Broden Holland, who is based in Thuddungra, near Young in NSW. Broden is a keen precision ag farmer who has just updated to a G6 Crop Cruiser SP. We’re going to find out about his decision-making process behind this upgrade and his approach to spraying and spray drift prevention.

NSW Farmer, Broden Holland.


Ask an Expert with FMC’s Stephen Pettenon on “How can I ensure my complex tank mix is compatible and will spray out”. Read it here.


Regional Update – Brent Pritchard, Agronomist, Albany, WA. Listen here.


In the podcast we chatted about how using water sensitive paper is a great way to assess your coverage. This is well worth doing!


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