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New WEEDit Quadro and US research group’s Australian farm tour

This is our last podcast for 2019! It’s been such a great year, covering a broad range of topics related to integrated weed management.

The GROW group saw a range of HWSC tools touring WA, including the Redekop. Photo: Peter Newman

In this episode, hosts, Jessica Strauss and Peter Newman give an overview of what were the most popular podcasts and articles WeedSmart produced in 2019.

In following up from our last podcast where we got an overview of the new WeedSeeker, in this podcast we catch up with Dalby Rural Supplies Precision Ag Specialist Jeremy Jones about the new WEEDit Quadro.

We also catch up with Steven Mirsky. He’s a Research Ecologist with the US Department of Agriculture and is a member of the US group, GROW (Getting Rid of Weeds). The group recently did a national farm tour in Australia, learning about our farming systems and how we control weeds.

If you’re wanting to follow up on some of our top podcasts and posts of the year, you can check them out below.

Top Podcasts (based on likes, downloads, listens)

1. Redekop weed seed impact mill and hay market overview
2. New chemistry derived from the Aussie bottlebrush; BASF new actives and Tecfarm mills
3. New herbicide resistance test and getting crop topping right

Top Podcasts(most listened to overall)

1. Chaff dump management and ‘strip and disc’ systems
2. Vertical iHSD test results and the WEEDit
3. Weather forecast accuracy and crop competition trial results

Top Ask An Expert

1. What’s the latest in optical sprayer technology?
2. Is mechanical site-specific weed control a practical fallow management option?
3. How can I avoid getting stuck in an imi herbicide cycle?
4. Is rapid, on-farm herbicide resistance testing possible?
5. Does diversity help with weed control and herbicide resistance?

Top Bulletin Posts

1. Stacking the Big 6 in a strip and disc system
2. Robotics opens up more non-herbicide options
3. And then there were three – impact mills on the market
4. Vertical iHSD maintains the brand’s 98% weed kill rate
5. Is sunlight breaking down pre-em herbicides where farmers are dry sowing?

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