Listen time: 27 minutes

Post-emergent spraying and Global Herbicide Resistance Challenge Conference udpate!

Post-emergent spraying and the Global Herbicide Resistance Challenge conference feature in this week’s podcast!

Most of the AHRI and WeedSmart team were over in Denver, Colorado for the GHRC conference, including Ray Harrington and Mike Ashworth, pictured above in the snow. Nearly everyone is back in Australia now, including Peter Newman, who is back hosting with Jessica Strauss in this edition.

Pete gives an overview of the conference. Pete also caught up with Aaron Hager from the University of Illinois. We’ve previously written about Aaron’s work with Pat Tranel in the AHRI insight blog.

Jess also chats with Adama Market Development Manager Bevan Addison about applying post-emergent herbicides and some of the implications when there are patchy rain conditions.


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