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Pre-emergent herbicide application tips with Chris Preston & Heidi Gooden

With seeding and pre-emergent herbicide application kicking off around the country, we got in touch a couple of herbicide application experts to share some timely advice on getting spraying right this season.

Dr Chris Preston from the University of Adelaide gives a preview of his WeedSmart Webinar “Use pre-ems to maximise winter crops in the South”, sharing valuable insights into management strategies around pre-em application and also gives us an update on the resistance levels to pre-ems.

Dr Chris Preston

DeltaAg Agronomist and Consultant Heidi Gooden, who is based in Lockhart, runs us through the current dry spell conditions being experienced in the Southern Cropping Region and what impact this has on pre-em herbicide application. She also provides insights into knocking down lingering Summer weeds and more.

DeltaAg Agronomist and Consultant Heidi Gooden in the field

As mentioned earlier, our first Webinar Series for 2018 is next week and features Mark Congreve from ICAN and Chris Preston from the University of Adelaide. Both experts will be joined by AHRI’s Peter Newman and will be discussing pre-emergent herbicide tactics in the North and South, respectively. You can find out the full details here.

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