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Ray Harrington reckons farmers are calling the shots + paired row sowing with Jack Desbiolles

Australian farming treasure Ray Harrington joins us on the podcast to share his success with getting on top of weeds in his farming system. He reckons that instead of the weeds calling the shots, he’s calling the shots!

WeedSmart Week in Horsham is at the end of this month too. We catch up with a local farmer, Sam Eagle (check out a short video with Sam below), to find out about his innovative approach to stock containment in his mixed farming system. He’s going to be presenting at the event and we’ll also be visiting his property.

Furthermore, we catch up with Dr Jack Desbiolles, who is a senior agricultural research engineer at the University of South Australia. He’s recently been featured on our Bulletin Board talking about his work in paired row sowing. He’s undertaken extensive trials investigating the benefits of increasing the space between seeds in the seedbed.

Dr Jack Desbiolles says when it comes to paired-row seeding systems, the technology can be categorised into either split or integrated designs.

Paired-row sowing is one of the ways to effectively achieve this and can deliver both increased yield and useful suppression of weeds. Jack gives an extensive overview of the benefits and how to adopt it.

You can read the article here, but first…

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