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S8E20 Regional Update – Dan Skerman, Grower and Agronomist, Dalby, Qld

This week on the Regional Update, we are joined by grower and Nutrien agronomist Dan Skerman.

Dan farms with his family near Dalby, Qld, on 2000 ha, growing cotton, sorghum and mungbean in summer and wheat, barley and chickpeas in winter.

He gives us an update on how the season played out for him, considering the region went from one of the wettest 18-month periods on record to some of the driest 3 months of summer on record. Dan says they got 350 mm of rain in last year’s winter growing season, versus only 20 mm this year.

Dan talks about his summer/winter rotation and the weed control practices he deploys on the farm.

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