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S08E09 Regional Update – Russell Zwar, Grower, Wirrabara, SA

An opportunity for a double knock has been few and far between for growers in the region surrounding Wirrabara in South Australia.


Russell Zwar is grower in this area, with over 2000 hectares on a zero-till, strip and disc farming system. With an average 450-550mm annual rainfall, the Zwar familiy grow wheat, barley, canola, faba beans and hay. The main problem weed is ryegrass.

Russell says the conditions this year have lined up well to be able to do a double knock. On the podcast he talks about this opportunity.

Russell, who presented at our Clare WeedSmart Week event in 2020, is now running a Seed Terminator. He was previously using chaff decks, but was finding the chaff wasn’t breaking down in the rows as much as he would’ve liked. He talks about this evolution in his farming system as well.

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