S08E11 Regional Update – Sandon Knipe, Grower, Spencers Brook, WA

For this Western Regional Update, we caught up with grower Sandon Knipe who runs a mixed farming enterprise with his family. We caught up in the field at his home farm based in Spencers Brook in WA’s Avon Valley.

Sandon explained they’ve expanded their enterprise away from this region, acquiring more farmland in the Jennapullin township, which is north east of the home farm. This was a strategic decision to chase a dryer climate, better suited to broadacre farming.

In this chat, we chat about the evolution of Sandon’s farming system, discussing how they effectively adopted a chaff cart, including the benefits of weed control and the ability to supplement their sheep feed.  In recent times, Sandon said they’ve been running out of time to burn dumps and they’ve been looking at moving away from this practice for the key reasons of social license, time, and nutrient management.  They’ve now acquired a Seed Terminator weed seed impact mill.

We also catch-up on how seeding is going for the Knipe Farming Co enterprise.

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