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Robotics, 70 ft blade plough and weed chipper on display at Emerald WeedSmart Week

Join your co-hosts Jessica Strauss and Peter Newman to recap Emerald WeedSmart Week, which took place in Central Queensland on August 13-15.

Jessica was on the ground at the event and spoke to attendees and presenters about their farming systems, what they saw and what they were inspired by and would potentially adapt to their farming system.

Andrew and Jocie Bate from SwarmFarm

This podcast provides a snapshot of the event in four interview packages:

    1. SwarmFarm’s Andrew and Jocie Bate
    2. Hannah Murphy (Radicle Seeds), Evan Shannon (agronomist at Farmacist), Simon Green (farmer)
    3. Rhys Daniels (farmer, Theresa Downs), Sam Bradford (farmer, Arcturus Downs), Matt Anning (farm manager at Cedar Park, owned by Colorada Cotton), Don Sampson (farmer)
    4. GRDC Weeds Manager, Jason Emms

Thank you so much to everyone who made Emerald WeedSmart Week such a great success. If you liked what you heard, this year we have two WeedSmart Week events and there’s still time to attend our Horsham event which is kicking off on Tuesday, August 27. Get your tickets here.

Jordyn, Simon Green, Matt Anning

Farmacist agronomist, Evan Shannon

Brad Jackson and Hannah Murphy

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