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Setting up your harvester for HWSC and practical resistance testing tips

As you’re probably already aware, here at WeedSmart we’re big advocates of harvest weed seed control. However, getting this right starts with good harvester set-up. In this podcast, we catch up with one of our WeedSmart advocate farmers, Warwick Holding, about setting up your harvester correctly, with a focus on chaff decks.

Warwick Holding presenting on his farm at Wagga WeedSmart Week 2017

We also chat with Dr Peter Boutsalis from Plant Science Consulting. He gives us a rundown on how to collect weed seeds correctly for herbicide resistance testing. Check out the pictures below of weed seeds ready for collection.

Your co-hosts this week are Jessica Strauss and Peter Newman.

As mentioned above, we’ve included some examples of weed seeds so you know what they should look like when they’re ready to be picked for herbicide resistance testing. Peter Boutsalis has kindly provided photos and our Communications Officer Shannen Barrett has put some graphics together so it’s easy to follow. See below.


Barley grass


Wild oats

Wild radish and ryegrass

You can check out more information on resistance testing by reading our Bulletin post ‘Testing for herbicide susceptibility and resistance’ here.

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