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Single Shot drone weed mapping technology and CBH’s new approach to maximum residue limits

Today on the podcast we’re going to be learning about CBH Group’s new approach to residue limits.

CBH Group Agronomist, Steven Tilbrook, will join us to discuss how they’re addressing maximum residue limits.

We also will be hearing from John, Tony, and Ben Single about their air-borne weed sensor, Single Shot. This weed sensor rapidly detects and maps weeds. Ben Single describes how he saw the benefits of separating the weed detection and weed spraying tasks and set about building the platform, working with Newcastle-based company, Robotic Systems to make the idea a reality.

On the podcast, we also mentioned we’ve got some great new content for you to check out.

If you’d like to find out more about Single Shot, you can read an article we did on it here.

We’ve got a new “Ask an Expert” article with University of Adelaide weeds research and PhD candidate, Alicia Merriam. She answers the question “Where to next in controlling herbicide resistant broadleaf weeds in IMI-tolerant lentils?: You can find the answer here.

We’ve also got a new article on stacking the odds against awnless barnyard grass. Check it out here.

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