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S09E02 Spot spray technology – advantages and challenges of the latest equipment

In this episode, we delve into the world of spot spray technology.

Rob Price, from South Australia, and Jake Hamilton, from Queensland, use Bilberry and John Deere See and Spray tech respectively.

They explain their motivations for using the tech, and discuss the opportunities and challenges they have faced when incorporating the latest camera/optical spray equipment into their cropping program.

Spot Spray technology – opportunities & challenges incorporating the latest camera/optical spray equipment: On March 6, Join Weedsmart Extension Agronomists, Peter Newman and Greg Condon as they explore the current spot spray technologies on offer and the opportunities and challenges with incorporating the latest spot (camera/optical) spray equipment.

Millers/McIntosh Tech specialist Scott Jamieson and John Deere’s Anton Kowalenko provide their insights into how farmers/spray contractors can address the challenges and opportunities with utilising this technology.

Article:                                                                                                                                Beating glyphosate-resistant grasses in summer fallow: In the face of widespread glyphosate resistance in their summer grasses, Condamine growers Jake and Felicity Hamilton of Krui Pastoral needed to change their herbicide use significantly.

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