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Spray application advice & precautions for 2,4-D use

Today on the podcast we get into the details on getting spray application right with expert, Bill Campbell (pictured above). We also get an insight into the MCPA LVE shortage and what considerations you need to make for alternative weed control solutions with Nufarm National Technical Lead, André Sabeeney.

A handy guide on how to utilise water sensitive paper for spray coverage.

Bill is based in Geraldton and is a spray application specialist. He provides some tips and how to get spray application right.

As you’re probably aware, access to MCPA is in short supply, so there is a current warning to grain growers to be mindful that there could be damage caused to young cereal crops if 2,4-D is used as a direct replacement for MCPA LVEs. Nufarm National Technical Lead, André Sabeeney gets into the details of this.

Nufarm National Technical Lead, André Sabeeney

We also hosted a really great webinar last Friday – New chemistry – What’s new, what’s coming & how to keep them for longer with Greg Condon. If you missed watching it live – the recording is now available on our website.

Podcast Hosts: Jessica Strauss & Peter Newman

Podcast Producer: Jessica Strauss

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