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S08E04 Strip tillage benefits and farm biosecurity insights from Dalby WeedSmart Week presenters

In this episode, we’re focusing on the Northern Region, as we get insights into two of our WeedSmart Week Dalby presenter’s farming systems.

We hear from Wayne Ziesemer, whose farm we visited in Bongeen, Queensland. Wayne is passionate about strip tillage, as well as utilising his WEEDIT optical sprayer.

Glenn Milne presented at our Forum Day on Crop rotations and on-farm biosecurity to combat weeds. We get a snapshot of that talk in this episode.

News and events

We’re heading to Dubbo, NSW, for our 10th WeedSmart Week on August 1-3.  Early bird tickets will be on sale shortly. You can find out more here.


Our content producer, Cindy Benjamin, has pulled together a great article on Bec Marshall, who presented at our WeedSmart Week Mildura event last year.

Increasing herbicide resistance in annual ryegrass has thrown up some challenges for Bec and Ash Marshall on their 3300-hectare farm at Normanville, Victoria, and led to a new approach to their farming system.

Hay, crop competition and a focus on mixing and rotating modes of action at every opportunity are some of the key tactics they’ve taken on board. Read about it here.

We’ve got a really fascinating Case Study this month, with Simon Burgess from Conara Tasmania. It looks at managing weeds through property development.

Giving weed management a high priority during significant property developments at Vaucluse, on the South Esk River in Tasmania’s midlands, has paid dividends.

Proterra’s Vaucluse Agricultural Company purchased Vaucluse in 2015 and added neighbouring Glen Esk in 2016, taking the total area to 4400 ha. Between 2016 and 2022, the company undertook a major redevelopment of the mixed farming operation, focusing on new irrigation infrastructure.

Operating partner Simon Burgess says reconfiguring paddocks for pivot and hard hose travelling irrigators brought up many issues related to previous management and land use, not the least of which were weeds. Read about it here.


If you couldn’t get to WeedSmart Week Dalby, we have uploaded videos of all of the presentations for you to watch in your own time. You can find the playlist and also a gallery of photos from the event here.

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