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Summer fallow management and herbicide resistance in California

This time of year, Summer fallow management is on the radar to ensure weeds are kept at bay and don’t rob soil moisture and nitrogen from next year’s crops. Ag Grow Director and Agronomist, Barry Haskins goes over some tips for getting summer fallow management right. Podcast co-host Peter Newman also discusses the importance of considering spray drift and how to avoid it. Later on, we hear from Brad Hanson who is a researcher at UC Davis in California. Brad talks about the challenges with resistance in orchards and vineyards in California with podcast host Jessica Strauss. The perennial crop industry in California is a diverse and high-value crop sector that is highly dependent on a relatively small set of herbicides.

The challenges with glyphosate-resistant weeds in this crop sector differ considerably from those in broadacre crops and so do the opportunities.  Brad Hanson discusses the current status of resistance in the approximately 1.2 million hectares of tree, vine, and other perennial crops in the Mediterranean climate of California’s Central Valley. Because of the importance of glyphosate in this crops sector, glyphosate-resistance is the most widespread challenge.  However, emerging issues with resistance to glufosinate, paraquat, and the graminicides as well as changing production practices and weed control options suggest that research and education efforts remain a high priority. Take a listen!

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