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S05E03 Surprising chaff lining results and the future of mill technology

In this week’s episode, Jessica Strauss and Peter Newman catch up in person to talk about the highlights of the GRDC Crop Updates which have been taking place across the country.

Peter talks about what he presented at updates, including research done by Dr Michael Walsh from the University of Sydney on the efficacy of chaff lining. We also talk about research on weed seed mills and new machinery on the horizon. Pete also talks about his presentation on strip and disc systems and how they might fit into farming systems in WA.

We also discuss the Weed Chipper, developed by Dr Andrew Guzzomi and Dr Carlo Peressini from UWA and researchers from the University of Sydney. The Weed Chipper now has a commercial partner in Precision Agronomics Australia.

This project had received funding from the Grains Research and Development Corporation and was created in response to the growing concerns about herbicide resistance and the associated difficulties with fallow weed control.

Director of McFadyen Ag Consulting and Northern Panel Chair Andrew McFadyen about the effects of the Summer rain the Northern region has received.

Director of McFadyen Ag Consulting and Northern Panel Chair Andrew McFadyen

*In the podcast we chat about presentations which were stand-outs. We didn’t give the full name for ‘Keith’ – his full name is Keith Norman and he is a UK Farm Management Specialist.

We also talked about the model on HWSC Pete developed so you can calculate the cost of different HWSC options on your farm. You can download the model here.

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