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Virtual fencing + Grain and Graze Update

Jessica Strauss is joined by co-host Greg Condon who is one of the AHRI extension officers and also runs Grassroots Agronomy with wife Kirrily. Greg and Jessica discuss some of the upcoming technology in the ag space. In light of the technology theme, we hear from CSIRO farming systems scientist Rick Llewellyn about virtual fencing and its applications.

The CSIRO and Agersens have been working on virtual fencing for a decade with assistance from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. The technology is not far away from commercial release and has applications for weed management.

Later on, we hear from farm consultant and agronomist Cam Nicholson who is based near Geelong in Victoria. He discusses some of the outcomes of the recently completed GRDC funded Grain and Graze project, as well as his new role as the GRDC’s High Rainfall Zone Regional Cropping Solutions Network (HRZ RCSN) lead.

P.S. You can learn more about the outcomes from Grain and Graze here.

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