Listen time: 45 minutes

Wagga WeedSmart Week; chaff lining + carts + cotton update

In this choc-a-block podcast, hosts Jessica Strauss and Peter Newman investigate chaff lining and chaff carts, get an overview of WeedSmart Week and a seasonal overview of cotton.

Mick McClellend farms in the Mallee in Victoria and has been using chaff lining in his farming system for the last three years. He gives an overview of the successes he has had using it.

Tom Lewis from Tecfarm manufactures chaff carts. He chats about the benefits of using one for weed control. Chaff carts can be used in mixed and broadacre farming systems.

WeedSmart Week is not far away, with the forum kicking off on August 21, and the farm visits following on August 22 and 23. Greg Condon talks about who will be presenting and what farmers and advisors can expect from the day. For more information about WeedSmart Week in Wagga and to register, click here.

The Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC) has recently jumped on board as a sponsor of WeedSmart. We welcome them aboard and get a seasonal update and find out what they’re doing weed management-wise from CottonInfo’s Regional Extension Officer Annabel Twine and Tech Specialist Eric Koetz.


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